Thomas’s explorative art practice is concerned with achieving true self actualisation where the artistic process or journey is just as important as the finished product. Influenced by the Impressionists and Surrealists, Thomas enjoys accessing his subconsciousness and being led by this flow to create works with a unique design, mood and story, and a safe and gentle depth. 

Thomas explores the tactile organic nature of raw fibres alongside patterned mandalas and grids representing the entwined forces of humanity and the environment. Objects such as leaves are pressed and tell their own story of abstraction. With insightful discipline Thomas adds to his personal growth story by making work everyday unlocking new skills and thoughts.

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Thomas has studied at the Brisbane Institute of Art, Access Arts, Footprints Inc. and Art from the Margins. Thomas has recently exhibited in two exhibitions curated by Access Arts: Journey to the other side at KPMG (2020) and Earth Footprint at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital (2021). He also exhibited in Recovered Futures (2021).