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Modern Tradition

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Artworks Description

Personal Collection From


Catalogue Type :~ (AFTM DAP 2021 Collection)

Artist :~ Thomas Doyle.

Artwork Title :~ Modern Tradition

Medium Type :~ Posca Pen and Mixed Media on canvas

Created Year :~  November 2021

Artworks Size :~  40.5cm x 50.5cm}

Artwork Framed & Ready To Hang.

Artist Signature

---- Artwork Statement ----

My love of textures, story telling, tradition and Modern pattens are very apparent is this mixed media piece. So, what better way there to combine two of Japanese Traditional Culture together “Origami & Kimono”

Why Is This Piece Of Art Special?

The Craft of folding paper to make models of animals, people, and objects. ... a traditional Japanese art of folding paper to form flowers, animals, etc.

What Does This Tell My Viewers?

pattern of the kimono can determine in which season it should be worn. a pattern with butterflies or cherry blossoms would be worn in spring. Watery designs are common during the summer. A popular autumn motif is the russet leaf of the Japanese maple; for winter, designs may include bamboo, pine trees and plum blossoms.