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Colour Scented Land 

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Artworks Description

Personal Collection From


Catalogue Type :~ ( St Andrew War Memorial  2022)

Artist :~ Thomas Doyle.

Artwork Title :~ Colour Scented Land 

Medium Type :~  Acrylic On Canvas

Created Year :~   SEPT 2021

Artworks Size :~  60.9cm X 90.5cm}

Ready To Hang.

---- Artwork Statement ----

Colour scented land 

Thomas has predominantly used the mark making with his fingers to paint this hyper real landscape, talking to ideas around the artificial reality of modern living. eg. The engineering of fruit and vegetables to reflect a possibly manufactured consumer demand for perfection. Colour scented land is a look at a man made hyper natural world of exaggerated stimuli. A bit prettier, slicker and safer than the real thing.