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Longing to Be

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Title  - Longing to Be

Artist - Thomas Doyle

Year - 2020

Exploring The Longing to Be in a personal narrative of self-discovery through colour and design. Thoughts and feelings expressed in pattern, texture and symbolism, related to milestones in stories of ones experience, place and being. Arrangements of natural fibres exploring concepts of transition and the constant human need to belong to mother earth.

 Artworks Description

Personal Collection From


Catalogue Type :~ (Personnel “ISOLATION 2020” Collection)

Artist :~ Thomas Doyle.

Artwork Title :~ “LONGING TO BE”

Medium Type :~ Photo {PRINT}

Created Year :~ 23rd August 2020

Artworks Size :~ 22” X 32”  (55.9cm x 81.3 cm}

Framed & Ready To Hang.

Artist Signature