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Untitled - Original Artwork No.54

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Artworks Description

Personal Collection From


Catalogue Type :~ (Personal Collection)

Artist :~ Thomas Doyle.

Artwork Title :~  Untitled - Original Artwork No.54

Medium Type :~ Mixed Medium on Canvas

Created Year :~ 2020

Artworks Size :~ 30.5 cm x 40.5 cm.   { Unframed }

Ready To Hang.

Thomas plays with texture and reduced colour palate in this lined composition, creating atmosphere and mood within form in this mixed media artwork. 

Thomas’s introduction too abstract medium was by focuses on experimentation. Examine with simplistic colours, line, shape and texture and how Thomas may or may not manipulated to form a balanced and cohesive composition. Several different methods of applying paint will be utilised, Thomas liked to be encouraged to develop his own style whilst extending a repertoire of skills. Reference will be made to noted artists in the development of abstraction in order to provide a guide to the range of styles of abstract painting.