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“Shadow Flower”

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Artworks Description

Personal Collection From


Catalogue Type :~ (Personal Collection)

Artist :~ Thomas Doyle.

Artwork Title :~ “Shadow Flower”

Medium Type :~ Mixed Medium on Canvas

Created Year :~ 2020

Artworks Size :~ 20.5cm x 25.5 cm.   { Unframed }

Ready To Hang.


Artwork Statement “Shadow Flower” by Thomas Doyle

Art in isolation Is Pointless. You have to go out, make a living.


“You can’t just let the rest of your life be a Joke and be a Failure!.”

You will end up one of many starving artists. “You should contribute to

society Instead of wasting time,  you’re worthless!”. Once you replace positive thoughts with Negative ones, you’ll start having negative results.”